Burglaries – How often do we hear, ‘It won’t happen to me’. Statistics reports by the FBI show there are four (4) burglaries every minute, that’s 250 per hour, 6,100 per day, a walloping 2.2 million per year, in the United States. Common items stolen are cash, firearms, electronics and gold. Unfortunately, most people wait till they have been robbed before looking at how they can secure not only valuables and personal papers but also sensitive documents. It’s not only the loss of valuables and cash that should be of concern but also the loss of personal papers such as passports, social security information, insurance policies etc that can lead to your identity being stolen. Know is the time to secure your valuables and identity by investing in a burglary safe. There are a number of safe options available including wall safes, floor safes, fireproof burglary safes, gun safes and pistol safes.

Business Security – How often do we hear of employees relieving their employer of cash? Far too often and unfortunately, it is often employees who have been with the business for a long time and are considered trusted employees who are the offenders. For some Best selling handgun employees they see the cash come in, pocket some bills and justify their theft by saying it was only a small amount or I deserve more than I am being paid. We have personally suffered the emotional rollercoaster when a very trusted long-term manager whose responsibilities included collecting the takings from our food outlets was keeping a percentage for himself. Had we known back then, what we know now, we would have had a drop safe in each outlet and had each outlet manager regularly reconcile the till and deposit the reconciled amounts in the safe. If you are storing cash overnight or receiving cash or documents at all hours then I would recommend a depository safe.

Fire – The latest statistics from FEMA report there were 362,000 residential fires in the US up 106,000 from the previous year. The dollar loss from these fires was a staggering $6,646,900,000 and the cost due to death and trauma is incalculable. There were 84,900 non-residential fires having a dollar loss of $2,400,700,000. In a fire whether residential or non-residential the loss of cash, valuables and personal papers is traumatic. To help alleviate some of this hardship safe manufacturers have produced ranges of fireproof safes suitable for home and businesses. Most safes are tested by Universal Laboratories and given a UL rating to tell us how the contents will hold up in a fire. Other agreed upon insurance standards include B-rated security steel safes which are primarily designed for maximum security and have not met any fire resistant testing, TL-15 and TL-30 ratings are safes that are both fireproof safe and burglary rated.

Gun Security – There are over 1,500 accidental firing fatalities a year in the United States. What is alarming is that guns are the second highest cause of non-natural deaths for children in the United States. Surveys reveal 40% of US homes with children have guns and that 50% of homes with guns do not store the firearms safely. The American Academy of Paediatricians (AAP) recommends:

  • The gun should be locked up
  • The gun should not be loaded
  • Ammunition should never be stored with the gun
  • Ammunition should be locked away separately to the guns
  • Safe keys or combinations should not be available to children

To secure guns the best protection is a fireproof gun safe. A good gun safe offers both fire protection and in the event of fire water protection from the gallons of water used to extinguish the blaze.


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