In the present era, technology has made our lives easier and far better. With the availability of fast internet, people do not have to sit at a specific place for entertainment.  Now, we are using smart devices, and we can get TV-related content in our smart devices.

About Hotstar:

Hotstaris the best option for your entertainment purpose of combining the Internet, TV, and smart devices. You can watch all your favorite TV serials, Movies, News and Sports through the Hotstar app. 

Hotstar promo code for US Market:

Hotstar us promo code: BIG40, will get a 10% discount, and Two people can use the same Hotstar account at the same time in the US.

The idea of switching yourself from something that you own for a long time is not easy. A lot of questions may pop up in one’s mind. Here are some points that will make it easy for all of you to switch on a Hotstar subscription.

Multiple languages & channels availability on Hotstar US subscription

You can watch your favorite TV shows in almost nine different languages. The languages that Hotstar is providing are: English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Marathi.

It provides 22 popular channels, which include Hotstar Special, Like Ok, Dox Live, National Geographic, StarPlus, Star Gold, MMA, MMA gold, Star Sports, and much more.

Nonstop shows on Hotstar

Commercials can be annoying for everyone while watching their favorite show. Having a Hotstar US subscription means nonstop and commercial-free shows.

Hotstar US Subscription is cheaper as compare to other TV services.

Its annual subscription after discount is $44.99, and when you compare this price with other available options, you will see a big difference.

But wait! There is another plus option in Hotstar. Other TV services like Netflix and Amazon Prime do not provide live streaming channels. Hotstar app provides you a lot of live sports and news channels.

Hotstar is compatible with a lot of devices.

Hotstar supported almost every smart device that everyone is using nowadays, such as Android, Apple, Smart TV, personal laptops and android TV, etc.

Two devices can be connected at a time with one account. So, even you are not at your home, and you can still enjoy your favorite shows on your mobile or laptop.

User-friendly interface

Hotstar provides a straightforward interface that a person of any age can understand easily. Other than that, it will provide you a content related to your genre that you watch daily. It will provide fast and accurate results according to your search.

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